#EdTechChat-Prevent Summer Slide with Digital Tech

Our favorite Monday night hangout is #edtechchat at 5:00 PT/ 8:00 ET and last night was no different. The topic was how to avoid the dreaded summer slide using the best digital tools and resources. It’s no surprise that the ideas were not only creative, but overflowing… so here is our quick wrap up of some of the highlights of last night’s chat. Enjoy!

Q1: How do you encourage students to keep skills/knowledge fresh during the summer?

@SrtaLisaI recommended @duolingo for my Spanish students, even to play with another language over the summer #edtechchat

@iplante: I also provide my Ss parents with a list of edu apps at the end of the year if they own a device #edtechchat

@beckitharp: A1 I teach summer school for Ss who have significant regression – for the others I keep their accounts open & use edmodo w/them. #edtechchat

@vandalgrad @beckitharp @s_bearden I like the idea of using Edmodo or other social network to keep Ss connected & engaged. #edtechchat

@DianaRAC13 On Edmodo I also post links to current science events…gets them talking #edtechchat

@GantertLeeTwts A1: I try to answer emails, log onto iChat, etc. as much as I can to make sure that all my students can reach me…and they do! #edtechchat

@megcurlteach A1: My students know how to get to my Symbaloo webmixes to work on things they choose #edtechchat

@cybraryman1 A1 My Summer Learning page: cybraryman.com/summerlearning… We need to make our students “constant learners & discoverers!” #edtechchat

Q2: What technology tools can students use at each level to support summer learning retention?

@L_Hilt5:Lots of students enjoy blogging over the summer – so much to write about and share!#edtechchat

@s_bearden For year round student use! 107 Favorite iPad Apps for K-8 | ow.ly/kpcv3 #edtechchat

@keightyeight5:A2: Blogging is also great for students of all ages. It doesn’t have to feel like work, but keeps students thinking and writing #edtechchat

@TechTeacherT A2: Google Hangouts could be a great way to keep Ss engaged in learning over the summer.

@s_bearden Here’s a nice list of creative tools via @CommonSense: ow.ly/1Ywszr #edtechchat

@daniellecaryn A2 #edtechchat How about having them subscribe to great YouTube channels to discover new interests?

Q3: Do you encourage students to explore other ways to utilize technology during the summer?

@TechTeacherT A3: All the tools I used in Tech class this past year have free versions, so I gave Ss that knowledge after each project #edtechchat

@vandalgrad Seeing the responses so far in this #edtechchat makes me think it would be cool to have a couple events/gatherings for Ss to connect.

@MrCsays: I am holding seminars and small group trainings all summer. If you offer it, they will come! #edtechchat5:23pm, Jul 08 from Web

@ajpodchaski: @MrCsays Any of them open to those outside your district?#edtechchat 🙂

@SrtaLisa: @ajpodchaski @MrCsays Part of our tech plan is to start offering trainings to anyone in the community, not just teachers #edtechchat

@ajpodchaski: @SrtaLisa @MrCsays We are working on a parent training class for all our tools for the fall. #edtechchat

@SrtaLisa: @ajpodchaski We already have parent tech nights. We want to invite all tax payers to learn – possibly from student run sessions #edtechchat

@megcurlteach A3: I model throughout the year how I use tech to learn things that interest me. Hoping they will do the same. #edtechchat

Q4: What advice can we provide parents on using technology to support student learning during the summer?

@keightyeight A4 Even just sending out email newsletters 1-2 a month about tech used in the classroom, free apps ect. could be helpful. #edtechchat

@ajpodchaski A4: Parents need to remember that tech like all skills have a shelf life. You need to actively engage them to keep them #edtechchat

@TechTeacherT A4: Parents need to both trust and monitor their child’s technology, but don’t do one more than the other #edtechchat

@cvanderark: A4: Parents should join #edtechchat for ideas!

                         @ajpodchaski Maybe a future topic – Bring a parent to #edtechchat! 🙂

@vandalgrad Maybe set up a twitter feed for your district/school and embed on site. Parents don’t have to be signed up for Twitter. #edtechchat

Q5: What resources/apps/websites can we provide students and parents to help maintain skills at all levels?

@s_bearden Great resources for kids interested in computer programming! How and why to teach your kids to codezite.to/10HtG6I #edtechchat

@Gregbagby A5: A couple of my faves is BrainPop, and Diamond Math#edtechchat

@KatrinaStevens1 @s_bearden A5 Lynda.com has some great tutorials for older Ss and parents to learn together. #edtechchat

Q6: How can technology help teachers sharpen their professional skills during the summer?

@roshnimirchi A6: Use Twitter for PD and new ideas over the summer!#refresh #inspiration #edtechchat

@TechTeacherT A6: Get on Twitter. Bookmark resources from Twitter chats on Diigo #edtechchat

@techie_teach: @iplante Twitter and @SimpleK12 are two places tchrs can go to for continued PD #edtechchat

@TheAnswerPad Summer great for sorting through all the resources found through the year, find what works for you & get comfortable using it.#edtechchat

@s_bearden TONS of great ideas shared tonight during#edtechchat! The archives will be a gold mine 🙂


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