We’re all in favor of higher expectations but sometimes standards lead to standardization–a narrow focus around a routinized process. (See the interesting series by Marie Bjerede on good versus bad standardization.)

As Larry Rosenstock said in Denver yesterday, good schools are vital intellectual communities–for adults and students.  They perplex, provoke, prod, and produce. Most important, good schools prepare students for college and careers.

In order to showcase schools who exemplify deeper learning the Getting Smart team is collecting examples from around the country. Great teachers and innovative schools are finding ways to foster deeper learning for their students, Getting Smart is interested in identifying these excellent schools to profile their achievements.

Getting Smart will identify, describe, and share school profiles that exhibit exceptional deeper learning principles:

  • Master core academic content;

  • Think critically and solve complex problems;

  • Work collaboratively;

  • Communicate effectively;

  • Learn how to learn (e.g., self­ directed learning); and

  • Academic mindsets

School profile nominations will be collected and reviewed by the Getting Smart team. The profiles will consider structures, strategies, educational philosophies and systems that produce deeper learning experiences.

If you are interested in nominating a school, complete the online questionnaire before May 17, 2013. Upon reviewing nominations, the Getting Smart team will notify the schools to be featured and may request site visits as needed to complete school profiles. Please continue to submit nominations throughout the summer to be eligible for upcoming feature blogs on the Getting Smart website. For any questions or information on the Deeper Learning Profiles Project please contact Caroline.

For more on how digital learning is contributing to deeper learning see the Getting Smart white paper and infographic.


  1. Ritter Elementary, Western Ave Elementary, Breed Elementary and Chase St Elementary all in LAUSD are worth taking a look at!


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