The conference I was planning on attending in NOLA was cancelled so its a week without airports.  As a result, we got a lot of great content lined up for back to school.

Next week we’ll be gathering input for a paper tackling student transcripts.  It’s crazy that teachers don’t know much about the millions of kids going back to school next week.  We’d like to change that and get everybody to agree to pass along a gradebook full of information.  Post a comment on EdWeek today or GettingSmart next week.

I’ve been writing a Monday series called DIY about edupreneurship.  Next up is a great compilation of advice on How to Build Buzz For Your Beta—new strategies for letting the world know about your product or project.

This week we’ll feature:

  • WriteToLearn, a writing assessment application
  • Dell Foundation blended learning profiles
  • Blended Speech Therapy: Q&A with Clay Whitehead from PresenceLearning
  • Cal State Online Picks Pearson: a Q&A With Matthew Leavy
  • Quick Guide to the Common Core: Key Expectations Explained
  • Michael Fullan’s new book Stratosphere
  • NYC iZone; and
  • Next Gen Research for Next Gen Tools
Enjoy the Labor Day weekend!


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