Staff Picks: Coleman, Parent Website, Flex Schools, Writing Feedback, College Readiness

Tom Picks “Why Coleman’s Move to College Board is Big”

Tom says, “This weeks most exciting news was that Common Core co-author David Coleman will be taking the helm of the Common Core in the fall–a great thing for the organization and for America.”

Karen Picks “Create a Website to Connect With Parents”

Karen says, “Love this idea. Keeping parents in the equation is always a good idea. They are the customer.”

Caroline Picks “10 Reasons Every District Should Open a Flex School

Caroline says, “I wish I would have had the opportunity to attend a flex school. These blends across the country are transforming school models in powerful ways for students. Flex schools provide the opportunity for students to adjust school to best fit their schedule and allow for other commitments such as internships and community work. Great models!”

Carri Picks “Q&A Voice Comments Improve Writing Feedback”

Carri says, “As an online educator, I can really see the value in giving my students integrated oral feedback. Tools like this go a long way toward eliminating the fear that instructor/student relationships suffer in virtual learning environments.”

Sarah Picks “High Schoolers Game Their Way to College Math Readiness”

Sarah says, “I would have loved to learn math through games. Kids today have so many great options to engage in learning. We just need to make them more aware of the opportunities at their fingertips.”

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