Fidelis Launches Pre-MBA Bootcamp to Support Vets

Last Thursday, Fideslis launched a pre-MBA Bootcamp program for the prior military MBA class of 2014 (courses delivered by UCLA ext).
Fidelis provides an end-to-end solution for the military-to-civilian career transition. The collaborate with leading universities, companies, and military organizations.
At Facebook’s new headquarters, Fidelis brought together 70 military MBAs from a number of economic sectors to give advice to this generation of folks leaving the service for top business schools.  The event panel was entitled “Making the Most of Business School” and you can see a 5 minute summary clip.
The 40 students who are registered for the course right now will be matriculating at Columbia, Kellogg, Stanford, Wharton, Harvard, Haas and a number of other leading business schools in the fall.

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