Overheard In Arizona at the Ed Innovation Summit

This week Getting Smart attended the ASU SkySong Education Innovation Summit 12 in Scottsdale, AZ. Amidst keynotes, sessions, hallway discussions and water cooler chatter, we overheard quite a few interesting ideas from top education leaders, entrepreneurs, funders, and industry professionals. Enjoy the list below:

  • It’s not reform, it’s innovation.
  • It’s free now, but at some point – there will be a premium version.
  • We’re opening a blended school.
  • I’m bullish on …
  • Even college graduates should be employable.
  • A degree isn’t a strong market indicator.
  • What’s your data strategy?
  • Is it adaptive?
  • Is it device agnostic?
  • We need to have a global perspective.
  • It’s not about finding the right device, we should be looking at the 3-screen day.
  • We need to focus on outcomes and results.
  • The classroom isn’t a place, it’s an interaction to drive learning.
  • The expensive and inefficient buying process is stifling innovation in schools.
  • U.S. schools are going to be leapfrogged by emerging markets.
  • The direct to consumer market of learning technology is going leapfrog the classroom.
  • Schools are like technology prisons.
  • What’s up with wearing tennis shoes and slacks?
  • I can’t focus with this sun in my eyes.

Anything else you heard at #eisummit?

Getting Smart Staff

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1 Comment

Jerry Swiatek

I also heard Jeb Bush call educators "these people." He clearly has a disdain for those of us in the education world.


Tom Vander Ark

I've had the chance to work with Gov Bush and the team at ExcelinEd.org and don't think that's the case at all. Bush and the foundation team have great respect for teachers and want to ensure that every student in FL and across the US has the opportunity to benefit from great teachers.

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