Welcome to our first post for our new, Friday Films by SchoolTube series. Each week, we intend to share a little innovation, inspiration, and awe from students and teachers via video. Today we’re excited to share with you a Tamalpais High School student’s interpretation of a famous poem.

Sean Wilkinson’s digital storytelling video demonstrates a wide range of talents:

  • His interpretation of a poem
  • A blend of technology skills, including filming, editing, planning, etc.
  • How learning can be applied to students’ lives, and more.
In addition, this video gives an idea of how widely available digital media tools – smart phones, light weight video cameras, tablets, web-based editing tools, etc. – are to students to demonstrate learning. Combined with a platform like SchoolTube, students become creators and curators of powerful digital storytelling artifacts.

Marshall Roslyn, the Director of Business Development at SchoolTube, says, “The experience of creating is not only proven to greatly enhance student engagement but also teaches valuable skills that will be important in the increasingly digital workplace.”


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