Innosight Institue Announces New Case Study On Data Systems for Competency-Based Learning

Innosight Institute announced today the release of “The engine behind WGU: Configuration of a competency-based information system,” a new case study by Senior Research Fellow Heath Staker about the Western Governors University (WSU) data system used to support competency-based learning.
This higher ed spotlight gives insight to the ways competency-based learning can be developed and improved in the K-12 sector. The case study describes the inner working and key attributes of WGU’s data system, allowing students to effectively learn online and earn course credits based on competency of the course.
“This nontraditional competency-based learning model requires a different systems configuration—one that focuses on tracking a series of high-stakes assessments instead of on tasks that are irrelevant to its model, such as creating class schedules or maintaining attendance records,” says Innosight Institute Executive Director Michael B. Horn.
“WGU, which serves more than 30,000 students nationwide, continually implements technical upgrades to improve its student learning experience. As such, the data system serves as a powerful example for states looking to move away from a seat-time-based public K-12 education system to a student-centric option that allows students to move at their own path and pace.”
Download the full case study here.

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