There are over 500,000 apps in the Apple App Store and over 300,000 in the Android Market; a growing number of those are in the education category.  The Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop released iLearn II: An Analysis of the Education Category of Apple’s App Store, a review of the 200 top learning apps for iPad and iPhone.  The report also highlights opportunities for developers, educators and researchers to influence this important, but under-scrutinized category by closely examining the content of children’s apps within the education category.    

Interesting findings include:

  • More than a quarter of parents download apps for their kids
  • Almost half of the education apps target preschool kids including most of the best sellers, and
  • Apps are different than TV, few are based on known characters.

 The report makes six recommendations:

  1. Address the ‘app gap’ 
  2. Create standards for products marketed as educational
  3. Protect kids from commercialism 
  4. Update COPPA
  5. Enable sustainability and profitability, and
  6. Set a research agenda.

The report also provides social media tips for developers seeking to get discovered in the sea of apps. iLearn is a valuable contribution to a dynamic new market.

See Michael Levine’s commentary on HuffPo.  More coverage on Wired, e School News and kidscreen.  





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