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The Networked Teacher: How New Teachers Build Social Networks for Professional Support by Kira J. Baker-Doyle evaluates the ways online social networks are reshaping culture around personal learning networks and digital learning networks among educators today. Baker-Doyle delivers a strategic approach to utilize crowdsourcing to its fullest capabilities to deliver ongoing learning, answers, and advocacy for the classroom.
As sociologist Manuel Castells points out, our society has become increasingly networked in the knowledge economy due to the Internet and popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs. The ties we create in our network and maintain via the Web, play a large roll in our career mobility and access to information through social, human, and cultural capital.
Fifty-percent of teachers leave the classroom in five years, says Baker-Doyle. She believes that with increased support from a network of teachers could help new teachers brainstorm and problem solve answers to challenges. Formal and informal teacher communities can help teachers remain flexible in our rapidly changing world, to stay up-to-date on recent policies, technology, and teaching methods.
Studies show that teachers involved in professional communities have a higher rate of teacher retention and quality. In response to this, increasing new teacher networks in The Networked Teacher seeks to bring greater collaboration among teachers to benefit retention, professional development, knowledge and expertise, and school reform.
The book also examines case studies of schools and teachers who have worked to develop social networks. It dives into the outcomes of their obstacles, challenges, successes by creating a community support group.
The Networked Teacher is a must-read for incoming teachers looking for the support of an intentional network to help deliver quality teaching practices and innovative ideas to their students. Yet, the in-depth analysis of social research and strategies to leverage these tools are beneficial to all professionals looking to increase their knowledge and impact in their profession.

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