Infographic: Open Courses for All

At Getting Smart, we’ve been contemplating the power of open education resources (OER) or open courseware (OCW) in education for several months. While the cost of K-20 education creeps up to new heights, OERs are sweeping across classrooms. Teachers can provide quality, free content to students with effective use of personal digital learning tools.
Recently, published “Open Courses for All,” an infographic that shows how new technologies like smartphones, tablets and laptops can deliver more information and knowledge to students than ever before.
“A kid in Africa with a smartphone has more information today than the President of the United States did 15 years ago,” said Ray Kurzweil, a technology author and inventor.
This is because of great, online resources like Google, iTunes U, Khan Academy, and free, online courses by major institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Oxford, UC Berkley and others. While many colleges and universities are hesitant to open their materials to the public, open course materials are readily available on websites now with an abundance of interactive media including videos, podcasts, lectures, notes and more.
For more, view the infographic below:
Open Education
Created by: Online College Classes

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