Infographic: The Math-Science Shortage

Studies, reports and more over most recent years have stated that we have a shortage STEM graduates to fill the growing demand of jobs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. published an infographic recently on “The Math-Science Shortage,” which looks at the reasons why the United States is failing to produce enough STEM Education graduates.
The infographic shows that 75 percent of students talented in STEM in their K-12 education, choose not to pursue a degree in the fields in college. What’s more, only 19 out of every 100 degrees earned by students are in STEM. What’s behind this lack of STEM interest among students?
Some professors say that our higher ed programs deter students from obtaining a STEM degree. Even beyond graduation, the field has a low retention rate. As the infographic shows:

  • 40 percent of students who start out studying in STEM majors end up switching to non-STEM
  • 43 percent of STEM graduates choose not to work in the field, and
  • 46 percent of STEM graduates leave the field after 10 years.

How can we better inspire students and create lasting career interest in the areas of STEM? View the infographic below:
STEM Shortage
Created by: Online Engineering Degree

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