Our 10 Favorite Websites & Blogs

This week, we’d like to showcase some of our favorite websites and blogs for information around innovations and learning.

  1. Taking Note

    Taking Note, written by former PBS and NPR reporter John Merrow, is an extension of Learning Matters, which is an independent media production company in education.
  2. MindShift

    MindShift, an education-focused blog by KQED, looks at new technologies, learning methods, research and culture in education. We always enjoy posts on MindShift!
  3. Flypaper

    Flypaper by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute’s Education Gladfly Team is a blog focused around education and education reform.
  4. Digital Learning Now!

    The Digital Learning Now! website provides valuable information around digital learning and the ways that policies are developing across the country. This is a great resource to learn where you state stands on digital learning policies and how it can be improved with the Roadmap for Reform.
  5. edSurge

    edSurge provides a community of educators, education leaders and enthusiast to learn more about the ways that technology can help improve the ecosystem of education. It’s worth signing up!
  6. thinktanK12

    K12, Inc.’s thinktanK12 brings you the voices of educators in the online and blended learning space. Discover what educators think about new learning models from the inside source.
  7. Edmodo Blog

    The Edmodo Blog, which is by one of the leaders in new social platforms for teachers and students, gives readers a close look at how-to’s, features, webinars, upcoming events and more. This is a great resource to gain information on how to better connect with educators and students in online learning platforms.
  8. Eduwonk

    Eduwonk, which is written by Andrew Rotherham at Bellwether Education Partners, brings education policies, politics, news, analysis and commentary to its readers.
  9. Rick Hess Straight Up

    Rick Hess Straight Up on Education Week’s blogs and written by Rick Hess focuses on education reform and policy.
  10. Politics K-12

    Politics K-12 is another Education Week blog written by Alyson Klein and targets recent news by the Department of Education, Obama and more in education and policy.

Some other favorites from the team include The Quick and the Ed, The Innovative Educator and the Innosight Institute Blog. What are your favorite websites and blogs around innovations in learning?

Getting Smart Staff

The Getting Smart Staff believes in learning out loud and always being an advocate for things that we are excited about. As a result, we write a lot. Do you have a story we should cover? Email [email protected]

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Sarah Cargill

Thanks for the additions to our list, Peter!


And don't forget awesome state-focused sites...like us! :)


Thanks so much for the shout out, Sarah! We like you what' you're doing, too!

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