TechFlash published a Q&A this month from CEO Michael Schutzler at the Seattle-based company Livemocha on the company’s explosive growth and success in online learning programs.

Livemocha talks about the ways that its program is outperforming other language learning tools such as Rosetta Stone. The trick? Schutzler says that Livemocha allows learners to team up with native speakers in order to learn the language. This has a big advantage over single-user programs, which “gets boring” says Schutzler.

Schutzler says that it’s a big hit in Washington D.C. where employees are working to learn multiple languages in training. Due to this, the company is now pursing groups such as government agencies, schools and corporations in addition to just individuals.

The company is hoping to accelerate growth with increased funding, employee expansion and more. For more, view the interview by Anthony James.


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