Harold McGraw III, the chairman, president and chief executive office of The McGraw-Hill Companies, announced today the winners of the 2011 The Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education, which annually recognizes outstanding and innovative educators who are pioneering digital education approaches. Honorees are chosen by a distinguished Board of Judges from the education community and receive a gift of $50,000.

This year’s winners, who collaborated on a recent white paper titled “Technology and the Human Connection: Examining the Role that Digital Technology Plays in Enhancing Interpersonal Interaction in Education” at the request of McGraw-Hill, are:

  • Robert Beichner, the Professor of Physics at North Carolina State University
  • Mitch Resnick, the Professor of Learning Research at the MIT Media Lab; and
  • Julie Young, the President and CEO at Florida Virtual Schools.

The white paper highlights how, first hand, technology is actually improving student connectedness and relationships in and around the classroom to promote learning in elementary, secondary and post-secondary education. Resnick and Beichner are speaking at the New York Times Schools for Tomorrow conference tomorrow, September 22, 2011 to discuss the role of technology in transforming education.

“Technology in education is a great catalyst for change — for creating, managing, and communicating a new conception of learning,” said Mr. McGraw.  “This year’s Harold McGraw Prize winners are the embodiment of the transformative impact of technology on improving education.  Their innovations are enabling students to learn at their own pace and empowering teachers to inspire and coach.”

McGraw adds, “Digital learning is the opportunity of the century.  For many students around the world, technology makes education more accessible, adaptable and affordable. We applaud these exceptional leaders for guiding the way and enriching the lives of so many students.”

All three winners will attend a celebration of the 24th Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize at the New York Public Library on September 27, 2011. Click here to view the winners’ white paper. For more information about the McGraw Prize in Education, visit www.mcgrawprizeined.com.


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