Infographic: The Flipped Classroom By Knewton

Knewton released an infographic called “The Flipped Classroom” that explores how educators are reorganizing the classroom to deliver instruction online, outside of class and using class time for “homework.”
The infographic takes a close look at educational technology and activity learning as new, effective learning models that are driven by historically poor learning models and a prevalence of new technology resources like educational videos. According to pilots of the new model, student achievement increased and discipline cases decreased. View the infographic below:

Photo Courtesy of Knewton

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Khalida Perveen

From the above literature the traditional method seems to far more better than flip classroom as far as learning outcome is considered.


Useful information.

The presentation is very clear and encouraging on the part of the students and teachers.

I believe that online learning is better than face to face education. According ti Briggs(2003) teacher is just a catalyst. Learners need to explore to gain more skills and knowledge because learning according to him is not transmitted from teacher to learners.This is called constructive alignment.

adelaida mapalad

This study shows that online learning produces more in terms of statistics, successful learners compared with face to face learning experience.I appreciate the information.

adelaida mapalad

I appreciate the online style of education more than the face to face strategy because education these days is exactly different from the style of education before. Any student can get the needed information from the internet. What the students need today is only facilitation of learning from expert educators . A design of teaching procedure based on the learning outcomes, and how this outcome could be achieved using the online technology is what the students need today. Experts are well verse in the activities, resources, assessments or evaluation in the educative process; but the issue is the best technology that will suit this design is the million dollar question.

adelaida mapalad

Thank you for all the innovations.


it seem to be a better option for a teacher, I will it in my class room too.

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