Apollo Group, Inc. announced today that it will acquire Carnegie Learning, Inc., a publisher of research-based math curricula, for $75 million and the related technology from Carnegie Mellon University for $21.5 million to help accelerate efforts to incorporate adaptive learning into its academic platform.

Carnegie Learning integrates adaptive and personalized learning technology into instructional, problem-solving activities to strengthen students’ conceptual understanding of math and increase proficiencies. Carnegie Learning’s goals for individualized and differentiated learning tools aligns with many forward-thinking initiatives today in education and digital learning.

“Carnegie Learning offers a highly individualized, innovative solution, addressing a fundamental skills gap in mathematics that is prevalent among today’s postsecondary students,” says Gregory Cappelli, the Co-CEO of Apollo Group and Chairman of Apollo Global. Cappelli adds that the new partnership will allow Apollo to integrate high-quality educational and adaptive learning technology into its platform.

Carnegie Learning plans to continue to serve the K-12 market to implement its innovative learning solutions and professional development programs around the country.

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