Tom Watkins Challenges Michigan’s Education System

Photo Courtesy of University of Michigan-Dearborn

Former Michigan Commissioner Tom Watkins published a provocative editorial with The Detroit News this week challenging Michigan to grasp hold of its educational system by increasing the literacy rate, improving learning statewide and preparing its citizens for “a world transformed by globalization and technology.”
Watkins says that while the collapse of the domestic auto industry and global economic meltdown took its toll on Michigan’s economic state, the leadership for building the state’s educational foundation continues to fall short.
He points to the state’s high illiteracy rate as well as the underutilized and untapped digital resources in pre-K-12 education to call need for reform. Watkins argues that innovation must erupt from asking basic questions about the delivery, focus and efforts of Michigan’s educational system.
Watkins raises important questions around Michigan’s educational system that should be continually questioned in each state to ensure that the main goals of education are being met: learning.
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