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Steve McKee blogs about marketing and business growth on Bloomberg BusinessWeek.  He recently posted his guidelines for dealing with marketing on social media platforms.  Education innovators sart-ups would be wise to take a look at Steve’s list.  Below is an excerpt of his blog post on keeping marketing meaningful on social media. I think it applies to more than just marketing on social media.
1. Be original — that goes for blog posts, Facebook and Twitter.  If you like something that someone has said, give them the credit they are due.
2. Do not “auto” anything.  Auto-following, auto-tweeting and auto-DM are impersonal and ineffective.  People are looking for stimulating and informative interactions not auto-generated blather.
3. Unfollow. That’s right — more is not necessarily better.  Genuine interest on meaningful social media networks means that you should trim back the unnecessary followers.
4.Integrate. Social media is a tool in overall communications. Find the balance between offline, Internet, and social media that your audience responds to, and leverage it.
5. No narcissism. Incessant posting, tweeting and pitching is just as bad on social media as a constantly pitching or self absorbed person is face-to-face.
6. Do not be a boor. Drawing conclusions, making wisecracks and swearing to or about others is never a good idea in face-to-face situations or on social media.
7. Explore.  Don’t get comfortable.  Expand and explore. Try a new technology that is out of your comfort zone.
8. Stop the LOL.  OMG. No LOL? WTF! And no ROTFL either? Instead, use the space you “own” on social media to be original.  See #1 above.

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