City Prep supports college & career preparation aligned with the Common Core. We believe every young person deserves viable life options starting with post-secondary eligibility without remediation.

In our experience, successful schools and networks are based on a common intellectual mission–one that is incorporated into every aspect of the life of the school.  We believe coherence, fidelity, and execution are key to consistently high performance.
We believe blended learning will change the world by creating more engaging and productive paths to mastery.  For every student there is an optimal blend of learning modalities and experiences–it’s our job to discover and co-create the path.
Our advisory services are flexible, but we bring a point of view about the learning experiences likely to cultivate the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to get/create a family-wage job and contribute as a citizen.  We believe every student should:
  • *write 500 words a day
  • *wrestle with difficult text
  • *struggle with complex problems
  • *develop and defend a point of view
  • *have the luxury to go deep and become an expert
  • *form the financial literacy to build a sustainable life
  • *collaborate to produce quality work products on a timeline
  • *know enough about their world to form an informed perspective
  • *experience beauty and wonder in nature and the act of creation
  • *spend time with adults they can imagine themselves becoming
  • *own expectations and make regular demonstrations of their learning
  • *experience success in what’s next: college, career, community service



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