The Digital Learning Mantra for Success

We found a great Jeb Bush quote at No Dropouts. Here is his response to a question about the role of computers in classrooms. Notice the focus on digital learning as something that does not change the fact that quality teaching is the most important factor in student success. Remember that.

Are there things that can’t be done on a computer? Are there ways in which a brick and mortar classroom is still superior to even the best that digital learning has to offer?
This is not an either/or – either digital learning or brick and mortar classrooms – it is about integrating technology into education. It is an intentional shift to a technology based environment where students spend a portion of the day learning via a digital device and a portion in a more traditional classroom setting.
Effective teaching is the most important factoring student success – digital learning does not change this. It will help teachers be even more effective. It can also extend the reach of effective teachers beyond their classroom.

Remember this mantra, because as digital learning spreads and becomes more popular because of its efficacy, there will be those who suggest that digital learning replaces teachers, and replaces the strong communal bond that teachers form with students.
You use email and the Internet. We all do. The internet brings us closer, it sharpens things. It is never a replacement. It will always be an extension of our communication and our learning.

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