Engage me, support me, give me options, don’t tell me my only option is one teacher in one school down the street.

Let me go deep, let me go fast, let me collaborate, let me apply, explore, create, let me play.

Get me ready; don’t lie to me; give me feedback—continuously.

Make me write, make me think, make me wrestle with tough problems.

Give me a learning playlist—the right experiences at the right time in the right mode.

Let me experience success in college, careers, and community service before I graduate.

Give me the world.

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Tom Vander Ark is author of Difference Making at the Heart of Learning, The Power of Place, Better Together, Smart Parents, Smart Cities and Getting Smart. He is co-founder of Getting Smart and Learn Capital and serves on the boards of Education Board Partners, 4.0 Schools, Digital Learning Institute, Latinx Education Collaborative, Mastery Transcript Consortium and eduInnovation. Follow Tom on Twitter, @tvanderark.



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