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Teachers have been raving about Glogster on their blogs and it has been making a lot of “best of school technology” lists, so I decided to give it a try. One of my assignments while I was working with low-cost and affordable private schools in India was to report back my findings.  Here is a link to  a glog that I put together when envisioning an assignment that I could submit to my teacher’s page on their Edmodo feed.
The Glogster community has been growing rapidly due to options that allow you to comment on and rate others’ pages, add to your favorites, embed into your own page, send to friends, and alert your Glogster friends. There are options to create video with music and words in the background, post your newest poetry, and create an exhibit of your graphic art or photography.
Here’s what my page looks like:

There is also Glogster EDU Premium and its new features including allowing hundreds of teachers and students together online through a single account-based school administrative interface.  Another highlight of the new program is their partnerships with education corporations such as Edmodo. Glogster EDUcators can now incorporate their glogs into their Edmodo feeds simply by clicking the “Edmodo this Glog”.  Glogster EDU is a safe and effective way for teachers and students to share presentations, classes, projects and student assignments.
Plus I had fun creating my glog.

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