Blended Learning Changes Minds, Widens Perspectives

If you have been paying attention to the rise in frequency of stories about blended learning, then you are at least caught up in the knowledge that it is the next iteration of education in this country.
For your Labor Day Weekend sampler of blended learning changes happening in the US education system, here are a few stories worth keeping an eye on:
Grand Rapids is advancing at a somewhat slower pace than originally planned, due to unnecessary push back over launching blended learning programs in several subjects. Grand Rapids will now launch only two subject areas delivered in a blended model, math and social studies, and only, it appears, in the middle school years.
Knee jerk reactions against blended learning don’t take into consideration that it actually improves the student to teacher ratio for all classes in which it is deployed.
City Polytechnic is up and running in Brooklyn with blessings from Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Chancellor of Public Schools, Joel Klein.

City Polytechnic students will be able to start taking college-level classes during their third year, followed by attending classes in person at the College of Technology. This approach is the first of its kind, allowing students to take professional studies like construction management and IT, and will no doubt promote higher graduation rates, a simpler assimilation to college and a higher rate of college attendance and graduation.

And a school in Colorado was actually able to grow, and take in more students who are looking for opportunities in different subject areas. One of the drawbacks of the budget crisis is that much needed and much called for subjects like AP and other advanced courses are taken out of the pipeline. they are too expensive, and they just stay out of reach of the kids who might want them. But Ralston Valley High School is taking the blended learning approach, and parents are happy. So are the students.
Here’s a video about the change:

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