A Protein Game

In Immune Attack, you must protect the human body

The Federation of American Scientists was never on my radar when it came to education reform, because I had always seen them as an advisory council to government development work. But after doing some digging, I’ve unearthed a few items that are definitely worth teachers’ time, when it comes to looking for new ways to teach STEM to kids.
They are launching Immune Attack, a game where the student works to combat viruses and save the human body. If you are a teacher, you can even download a copy of the game as a walkthrough. Here are the complete walkthrough instructions.  Please download, with our compliments.
The FAS is also working in open source on its other game, called I Betcha!. This is apparently a physics game that works a little like a game show. You can download a complete information packet here.
The White House is actively challenging game developers to develop STEM-focused interactive games to help students become among the world’s best in science, technology, engineering and math. And many developers are engaged actively in creating online gaming methods to do this. We have talked to a few of the developers who are rising to the White House challenge, and we will be highlighting their work shortly. In some cases, we already have, but we are not yet allowed to say who they are. Stay tuned.

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Melanie Stegman

Dear Douglas,
Thank you for writing about Immune Attack. We are very happy that you encourage teachers to use our game in their classrooms.
Please do not post the direct link to ImmuneAttack.setup on your page. Please post this link to our webpage.
As you know, Immune Attack is funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. And as with any project that is funded by a grant, it required that we show the funding agency that we have successfully distributed the game to actual teachers and students. If they download the game directly from your website, we have no way of knowing who they are.
Additionally, our website contains much useful information for teacher who wish to integrate the game into their lessons. So posting the link to the website is the most helpful for the teachers as well.
Thank you very much!

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