Putting the "MMPRPG" Credential on Your CV

Gaming will be part of many stories on edReformer this week. So for you dear readers today we have a fine example of just how compelling online gaming and video editing has become to teenagers. Here we have a running “color commentary” of online video game Starcraft 2, a MMPRPG that deals with aliens, spawning droids, sentries, and all manner of electronica-inspired tech gadgetry. The young man who made this video basically ran an entire commentary of a few scenarios inside the live-running game, just like a football sportscaster would do during the Rose Bowl.
I can’t understand a word of it, but to someone it’s very important. Important enough that it garnered over 91,000 views and hundreds of comments.

The underlying issue here is that gaming is one activity that spawns the growth of many different skill sets for the gamers. One is communication. One is strategic thinking. Another is collaboration. But clearly yet another skills set is creating Live TV commentary and editing digital “film” on the fly. Would you hire a kid who could do this in real time?
Are there ways to “credential” this process? Or, since it’s so transparent and visible to the community, how likely is it that someone in a hiring position would simply see this work, email the kid and set up an interviewing process? If more of this stuff happens, what’s the future of building up web communities that allow students to focus on their interests in ways that feed their future career tracks?

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