Walter Isaacson, CEO, Aspen Institute, just gave an impassioned appeal to ed reformers in the room at the opening of the NewSchools Venture Fund Summit 2010, saying they really need to tell a story, and find new ways of storytelling. There are those who will argue against change and use misinformation, but we must be the ones to tell our story.

Ted Mitchell, CEO of NewSchools Venture Fund has stepped up after him. He says that we need to bring from across the United States a diverse group of people to share a common vision. To achieve: “An America in which all children receive a high quality, world class education.”

“No excuses, results driven practice.”

“We share a common commitment, a moral commitment to erase the stain of inequality.”

Reasons for the changes that are happening in ed reform:

Financial crisis
Urgency around results, importance of innovation
Reauthorization of ESEA
Secretary Duncan and George Miller embracing entrepreneurs, rather than compliance or formulaic funding

Ted Mitchell also stresses that we should be good communicators, improve our productivity, and be good stewards of policy and consumers of policy.


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