This was the only video that I took at tonight’s Startl event at the Open Planning Center across from the Museum of Chinese in America, but I thought it was a good one.

Gregg Betheil is Executive Director of the Office of Postsecondary Pathways and Planning for the New York City Dept. of Education. He had just gotten done giving a brief pep talk to entrepreneurs about the abundance of change coming to education in the next few years, marked by an inflection point that will see technology “melt” into the surrounding learning environment. It will get to the point where “students won’t even know they are being assessed.” He remarked a little bit on gaming, but I think his video after the speech details where his thinking is right now.

Thank you to Laurie Racine, and the other members of Startl for organizing the meetup. Thank you also to Vikram Bhaskaran at NYC Economic Development Corporation, who sparked the whole thing off during a thought session with Startl. Great idea.


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