February 24th marks the date that Advance Innovative Education will compete with 10 other social entrepreneurial enterprises for recognition and a statewide competition focused on promoting innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to some of Louisiana’s greatest challenges including low performing schools, basic health and nutrition, and poverty.  This is the culmination of a 6 month program sponsored by Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu and the Louisiana Office of Social Entrepreneurship.

The office seeks high-performing social entrepreneurial organizations interested in developing of their endeavors. In order to assist these social innovators, the office partnered with Community Wealth Ventures and launched the Louisiana Social Innovators Institute.

This exciting 6-month business planning process is designed to help social innovators grow successful solutions.  It comes to a close on February 24th with each organization presenting their final business plans.  Organizations have already engaged in a rigorous business planning process and gained access to tools, frameworks and business experts to help them launch or expand an innovative social program.

Advance Innovative Education is the only education-related organization selected, and is looking forward to presenting their business plan for expansion to a panel of judges at the final competition in New Orleans of February 24th.

AIE will be live Tweeting from the competition so be sure and follow us on Wednesday, February 24th at:



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