With over 300 posting, I think I‘m getting closer to figuring out what this blog is about.  Here’s a summary of the logic chain (or as my friends at Bridgespan would say, my theory of change):

  1. Excellence and equity in education is the most important issue for the America economy and society; even more so for developing economies.
  2. Expanding access to high quality learning experiences requires innovation particularly new learning tools and formats.
  3. Learning online holds great promise for improved productivity and expanded access; new school formats that blend online learning and onsite support and application have the potential to address the global secondary gap (i.e., limited access to college/careers for low income students).
  4. Producing and scaling innovation requires focused investment suggesting an important and complementary role for the private sector; most important advances will be the result of public-private partnerships.
  5. Expanding opportunities for education entrepreneurs and the ability to approach old problems in new ways requires more sophisticated advocacy, particularly the use of new media.
  6. Occasionally, other sources of media provide analogy, insight or inspiration (i.e., random musings).


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