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Janice is a Manager at Getting Smart. She advocates for and advises learning organizations focused on innovations in teaching and learning, and is known for her work in teacher leadership, global education, and STEM. You can connect with Janice on Twitter @JaniceWard09

Give Greatness: Recognizing Teachers Who Inspire Us

Teachers are more than just educators. They are our coaches, our confidants, our counselors and so much more. They shape us in ways we never thought possible. It’s time to give back and say thank you to the teachers who made the biggest impact on our lives.

South Carolina’s Statewide Movement to Personalize Learning

Across South Carolina, there is a movement to personalize learning for all students. Some districts in the state have even spearheaded their own initiatives, and the state is working to use them as "learning labs" for others. Here, we take a detailed look at their progress so far.

Infographic | Providing Students a Path to Being Really Ready

By: Janice Walton. As schools and districts across the country prepare students for life beyond secondary school, a key focus must be on ensuring these students are really ready to enter college and/or career.

Global Dignity Launch Materials to Encourage Development of Dignity

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, there are increased opportunities to interact across boundaries and borders. We see almost daily instances where those interactions can be uplifting and positive, but far too often we hear of instances of ugliness in the world. So what can we be done?

How One Teacher is Teaching Her Students to be Kind

Kindness is a relatively easy word to define, according to Google it means “the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate” easy enough, right? Then why is “kindness” often so hard to put into practice? How do we go about teaching and learning, kindness?

Early Childhood: What We Know, and What’s Possible

We know early learning matters… and it matters a lot. We also know that all early learning experiences and are not created equal, nor are they available to all students and families. This post is the first in a series looking at how we can do better.

Personalizing Online Language Learning

We live in an increasingly interconnected time where we can seamlessly communicate with individuals from around the world. But while communication is being sped up through technology, language is still one of the fundamental common threads that connect us.