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Janice is a Manager at Getting Smart. She advocates for and advises learning organizations focused on innovations in teaching and learning, and is known for her work in teacher leadership, global education, and STEM. You can connect with Janice on Twitter @JaniceWard09

Five Schools Sharing Student Learning to Increase Student Engagement

Some of our favorite ways to engage students in sharing their learning are exhibitions and student-led conferences and during our recent school visits, we’ve seen great examples of both.

25 Reasons to Give Thanks for Teachers

Here are 25 teacher behaviors that we are grateful for and that might jog your memory of personal stories about a teacher in your life. Take time during the next few days to let them know how they positively impact our world and #thankateacher.

Global Dignity Day: Teaching Compassion, Understanding and Tolerance

Global Dignity Day is a day dedicated to teaching learners how to “tap into values of kindness, understanding, tolerance, and compassion.” Learn how you can participate.

School’s Out: What If Schools, As We Know Them, Didn’t Exist?

The School’s Out paper sets up an entry point for learner-centered leaders and their communities to imagine education from a blank slate, while maintaining an honest commitment to developing actionable ideas.

Students Learn Project Management From HQPBL Experiences

The future of work will require that individuals are prepared to manage a multitude of project. The PMI Educational Foundation believes in the power of project-management. Here’s how they’re supporting educators and students in learning effective project-management through PBL lessons and how teachers are integrating project management skills into their practice.

Give Greatness: Recognizing Teachers Who Inspire Us

Teachers are more than just educators. They are our coaches, our confidants, our counselors and so much more. They shape us in ways we never thought possible. It’s time to give back and say thank you to the teachers who made the biggest impact on our lives.

South Carolina’s Statewide Movement to Personalize Learning

Across South Carolina, there is a movement to personalize learning for all students. Some districts in the state have even spearheaded their own initiatives, and the state is working to use them as "learning labs" for others. Here, we take a detailed look at their progress so far.