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Emily is Director of Advocacy at Getting Smart. She believes every young person deserves a world-class education and partners with educators and education-focused organizations to try and help make that a reality. Emily usually is researching and reading about project-based learning, global education, teacher preparation and place-based education. Connect with Emily at @EmilyLiebtag.

Camp C-Block Introduces Blockchain Technology to Black Girls

Project Bitmobile aims to empower women and girls in this emerging technical field by providing real-life introductions to blockchain technology by increasing awareness of the possibilities of blockchain technology and crypto assets.

Focus on the NOW, Not Always on the Future

We are often talking about the future of learning but what if we focused on now? Emily Liebtag explores the power of students untapped passions right now.

What’s Up With All the Design-Focused Schools?

Is the focus on design in schools a fad, a trend or something else? In this episode of the podcast, Tom and Emily explore the rise in popularity of design-focused schools.

Black Girls CODE Building Tech Exploration Lab in New York

A look at the new tech exploration lab coming to New York City to help empower the next-generation of women and tech leaders.

Framework for High Quality PBL in Spanish

More than 60 countries and thousands of educators around the world are committed to HQPBL; therefore, we are working to translate the Framework and provide additional resources to make sure the Framework is accessible to all. Today, we are excited to release the Framework in Spanish.

Find a Way to Yes: 9 Leadership Lessons from Pam Moran

Dr. Pam Moran has been a staff member of Albemarle County Public Schools for 32 years and after a dozen years as superintendent, she is retiring. While she has quietly become a leading educator, Moran's work speaks for itself. Here are nine lessons in leadership from Moran.

HQPBL Case Study: ACE Leadership High School

ACE Leadership High School primarily serves students who have already or seemingly were on their way to, dropping out of high school. On average, students at ACE have been enrolled in three or more high schools and frequently claim that school wasn’t working for them. Many hold jobs, sometimes even two, and typically come from low socio-economic backgrounds.