Learning Community

Roots, A Getting Smart Learning Community, is a place to learn about what’s next in education and connect with educators and leaders to design and build change.

This community consists of people who shape the conversation around the future of learning, seek to grow their leadership capacity and network, and work towards accelerating powerful learning experiences for all. This community shares their learning, thinking and designing out loud, and supports others as they do the same.

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Who Should Join

  • People with a commitment to equity, anti-racist work
  • People who know that just because things have always been a certain way, doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.
  • People who believe in the framework of “Dream, Design, Deliver.”
  • Those willing to lead from wherever they are in an organization or an institution.
  • Learning out loud – vulnerability in sharing.
  • Those who believe that multiple heads are better than one and that to make lasting change in education. We can’t do it alone.
  • People who can lead when the answers are still in design
  • People willing to commit a few hours/week to growing and learning together.

Core Tenants

Share Generously: Share your ideas widely and without reservation. 

Be Kind: Kindness brings out the best in all of us. A community built on kindness is a community that will last.

Hold Hope: This process isn’t easy. Seriously, education is one of the hardest systems to implement positive change in. We are all in this together. Stay hopeful.

Think and Rethink Again: Many of us have been doing this a long time, and may have arrived at the “right” answer. In this group we ask you to hold your thoughts and opinions lightly as we seek to change together and find the best ways forward. 

Dream, Design, Deliver: This process is essential to everything we do. It all begins with a dream, but it’s important to leave the dreaming with a first best step towards delivering.

Town Halls

You may also be interested in our Getting Smart Town Halls, a free, once-per-month opportunity that creates the space to collaboratively design, discuss and discover what’s next in learning. Our time together will help to build collective momentum and understanding, better enabling us to empower every learner to thrive and act with purpose.