Shiva Rajbhandari on Hope, Green New Deal for Schools and Youth Civic Action

Key Points

  • Students on the school board should not be a headline, it should be the norm.

  • Climate education is a critical part of preparing young people for confronting real world problems.

This episode of the Getting Smart Podcast is brought to you by our recent publication Green Pathways, and makes the case for why ALL pathways need sustainability and green embedded. Find out more here.

On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast Mason Pashia is joined by Shiva Rajbhandari, a current freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and avid climate and education activist who is, to date, the first student on a school board in the state of Idaho.

We’re releasing this episode near the beginning of COP28, an international gathering of national leaders who are setting goals, discussing science and trying to make a collective movement toward net zero emissions to avoid worsening the climate crisis. This conversation with Shiva highlights the myriad ways youth are helping raise awareness of climate-related issues, what school taught them to do and how to organize large groups of people to come together for a common cause.


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