Navid Nathoo on What Education Can Learn From The Real World and The Knowledge Society

Navid Nathoo - The Knowledge Society

Today on the Getting Smart podcast, we’re talking with Navid Nathoo, innovator, entrepreneur and creator of the new program and platform The Knowledge Society.

Navid has a track record of rapid learning and solving interesting problems, he started his career in investing and consulting, wound up selling his company Airpost to Box and now has created The Knowledge Society with his brother Nadeem. This afterschool program helps learners navigate interests and encourages them to contribute to their communities, as well as the global communities, with a series of projects.

Tom and Navid talk about what the future of education could be and how to get learners to find their spark and lean into difference making.

If you want to learn more about The Knowledge Society, check out our recent blog post, Equipping Youth to Change the World.

Key Takeaways:

[:09] About today’s episode with Navid Nathoo.
[:48] Tom Vander Ark welcomes Navid to the podcast!
[1:25] Navid shares about his background and his upbringing in Canada.
[2:21] About the previous companies Navid has founded.
[3:19] Navid shares how he first became interested in the space of artificial intelligence and data science. Navid also highlights the importance of honing the ability of problem-solving as well as using emerging technologies to solve problems.
[7:10] Navid offers insights on how you can skill up in a new area.
[9:47] Why did Navid decide to start The Knowledge Society?
[13:20] One of the top key indicators of what makes someone successful, and the mission of The Knowledge Society.
[14:35] About The Knowledge Society program and some of its major goals.
[16:39] Would Navid say that students have to be self-directed in this program?
[18:00] How do they match students with projects?
[20:00] How many learners are in the program? And where are they from?
[21:36] Navid talks about their business model and scaling aspirations.
[23:05] Would it be possible to use this model to rethink high school and college?
[26:29] Tom and Navid share what they love about The Knowledge Society.
[28:18] Navid shares some examples of impressive student projects.
[32:02] Tom thanks Navid for joining the podcast and Navid shares where you can learn more about TKS online!

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