Amy McGrath on Learning Under Quarantine

Key Points

  • Students need access to high quality online options, no matter where they are or the state of the world. 

  • Universities should be asking themselves what assets they can bring to their learners at whatever stage they are at in their learning journey. 

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On this episode of the Getting Smart Podcast, Nate McClennen is joined by Amy McGrath, Deputy Vice President of Arizona State University. They discuss Learning Under Quarantine, a new model that is a fully adaptable, just-in-time learning support for students who have been temporarily sent home for any reason. 

Amy has spent the vast majority of her career in education, working in education innovation and transformation as well as personalized learning. This exciting new initiative is a natural build on these professional passions.

Let’s listen in as they discuss student supports, online learning and what higher education can do for students of all ages. 

“[We need to talk about] what does solid online, virtual, hybrid learning look like so that the future is not going to be the same, so that we can build something that’s more elastic, and flexible and resilient. There will undoubtedly be more crises that hit us and we all need to be prepared for our kids.”

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