Criteria1 Basic2 Proficient3 Excellent
Aligns with Holistic Graduate AimsThe model or idea shows minimal alignment with holistic graduate aims, with no clear strategy for implementation.The model or idea aligns with some holistic graduate aims, demonstrating a sound approach to achieving these aims.The model or idea strongly aligns with holistic graduate aims, backed by a clear and comprehensive strategy for effective implementation.
Description of the Model/Idea and its ObjectiveThe description of the model or idea is vague or lacks clarity. The objective is not clearly defined or is missing.The model or idea is described in a clear manner, with an objective that aligns with the goals of the microschool.The description of the model or idea is insightful and innovative, with a compelling and clear objective.
Proof of ConceptMinimal evidence or data provided. The concept may have been tested on a very limited scale or not at all, with inconclusive or insignificant results.Some evidence or data showcasing the concept’s potential effectiveness. There might be preliminary results indicating a moderate level of success or impact.Robust evidence or data presented. The concept has been tested and has shown significant positive results or impact, signaling a high likelihood of scalability and future success.
Assessment of EffectivenessThere is a limited plan to measure the model’s effectiveness. Key indicators are not defined.A clear plan is in place to measure effectiveness, with some key indicators defined.A comprehensive and evidence-based plan for measuring effectiveness is presented, with well-defined key indicators.
Evolutionary Timeline of the IdeaLittle to no information about the duration or evolution of the idea over time.Provides a clear duration of how long the idea has been pursued, with some details on its evolution.Detailed information about the idea’s duration and rich insights into its iterative development over time.
Leadership IdentificationLeader’s name is provided with minimal details about their position or relevance to the project.Leader’s name and position are provided, with some context about their role in the idea or model.Comprehensive details about the leader, their position, experience, and pivotal role in refining/implementing the idea.
Demographics of the Targeted StudentsLimited details about the target student demographics, with potential gaps or omissions.Clear demographics provided, covering major factors like age, socio-economic background, etc.Detailed demographics with comprehensive insights into the target student group, highlighting underserved populations.
Stakeholder Partnerships & CoalitionsMinimal or no stakeholder partnerships or coalitions have been formed. If any, they are vaguely defined or lack substantial involvement or collaboration.Some stakeholder partnerships or coalitions have been formed and are actively involved. They show a moderate level of commitment and collaboration towards the project.Strong and diverse stakeholder partnerships and coalitions are in place, with a high level of active involvement, commitment, and collaboration towards the project’s success.
Funding & SustainabilityMinimal or no fundraising efforts are evident, and there are significant concerns about the sustainability of the model or idea. No clear financial plan is presented.Some fundraising efforts have been made, and there is a reasonable financial plan that addresses sustainability concerns to some extent.Robust fundraising efforts have been successful, and there is a comprehensive financial plan that convincingly addresses sustainability concerns for the long term.
Persuasive PitchThe pitch lacks clarity, fails to engage the audience, and may miss key points or details about the model or idea.The pitch is clear and covers the main points, engaging the audience to some extent but may lack full conviction or compelling storytelling.The pitch is compelling, engaging, and effectively convinces the audience of the idea’s value, utilizing both strong evidence and storytelling techniques.

The final score will be the sum of individual scores from all criteria.