Personalized learning that is more relevant and tailored has long been an educational system to strive to achieve, but often there are systemic and maybe even bureaucratic barriers that can impede implementation. The pandemic has enabled some leaders to look passed these barriers, and imagine a great future of learning, one that is engaging through personalization and authentic context.

These personalized learning structures are often referred to as competency-based, proficiency-based, or performance-based learning models. Among these labels there is a shared commitment to equity in learning, learning over time, increased levels of choice in learning and assessment, and because there is more transparency in learning expectations, there is also higher levels of learner agency. 

The path to build these models and learning systems does not happen overnight and requires a brave vision, strong leadership, and a supportive community. This work is courageous and involves concerted efforts that put the needs of learners first and then places the adults that serve them a priority.

These conversations are with leaders of schools and district leaders who share how they started, lessons learned, and ways to build momentum with CBE.  They will also share more recent information about how they made updates during the pandemic to better serve their learners. We will be continuing to have these conversations into the future. Please email [email protected] if you are interested or have a potential guest in mind.