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7 Ways PBL World Models Project-Based Learning

When you attend a conference that focuses on gold standard Project Based Learning, you really hope the conference not only talks about high quality PBL but also models PBL done well. With that in mind, here are seven ways PBL World gets it right.

Personalized Learning

Next-Gen Personalized Learning for ELL Students

Personalized learning for ELL students is happening across the country. What's working for the diverse needs of ELL students? And what gaps are present? Join Getting Smart as we investigate this topic using the #SupportELL hashtag, and join in the conversation by: 1. Sharing your guest blog with us or 2. Tweeting to us your favorite ELL tool, tip or strategy using #SupportELL.

Personalized Learning

How Project-Based Learning Fosters Community Change

When we bring real world issues to the classroom and allow students to lead real work, through powerful project-based learning, students can have a big impact. How does project-based learning foster community change? What started with a dialogue around slavery and reading the texts of Frederick Douglass resulted in students doing something about modern day slavery in their own community.

Personalized Learning

10 Simple Lesson Plans for Scaffolding Student-Led Projects

From tips on assessment to how best to involve adult mentors, this is a guide for anyone who wants to lead student-led and student-centered projects in the classroom. The curriculum, adopted from Youth Engaged in Leadership & Learning, is broken down into 10 simple lessons-- to scaffolding student-led projects and create engagement and student ownership of learning.


23 Questions that Cultivate Deeper Learning Mindsets

How can educators model deeper learning mindsets they seek to cultivate in students? Taking the time to reflect on their own learning, modeling growth mindset and lifelong learning, and genuinely involving students in problem solving, to name a few. Ponder these 23 questions in your next professional learning session and model deeper learning in your classroom, school, or organization everyday.


5 Ways Learner Profiles Can Promote Competency-Based Education

Competency-based environments encourage ownership over learning and move students at their own pace and according to their own needs. Learner profiles can play an important role in facilitating competency-based learning. Here are five ways learner profiles promote competency-based learning


Puget Sound Districts Share Electronic Records to Personalize Learning

Seattle area districts are personalizing learning using sharing expanded electronic student records. Facilitated by the Puget Sound Educational Service District (PSESD), seven districts between Seattle and Tacoma won a $40 million Race to the Top Grant and fundamental to their work is what Data Quality Campaign calls data portability.