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Smart Review | The New Art and Science of Teaching

Robert Marzano’s book "The New Art and Science of Teaching" retains the magic of the original edition while approaching learning from a new perspective, reflecting the changing attitudes in education and the influence of growth mindset.

Equity & Access

Smart Review | Tested: An Education Documentary

This documentary follows New York City middle school students as they prepare for the Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT), hoping to be one of the very small group of students admitted to three prestigious specialized NYC high schools.

SEL & Mindset

Becoming Macro and Micro Focused Educators

As a teacher, I’m challenging myself to zero in daily on one student and look for their story to understand the complexities of learning for that particular child and make any shifts that would help them.


Do You Want To Be A Thought Leader?

It's important for educators to share their experience and claim their place at the (digital) thought leadership table to keep improving innovation in our education system. So here are three ways they can work towards becoming recognized thought leaders.


Three Tips for Stoking the Fires of Overachievers

This year I have a group of really hard working, dedicated students who will rise to the occasion every single time I raise the bar, and I want to keep them excited to learn. Here are three tips to stoke the fires of these students who are already burning brightly.