As hard as it is to believe it’s already November, the Getting Smart team is excited to spend the month celebrating creativity in the classroom, from making prototypes, to creating through music, art and movement (and even with cardboard!). As Jen Hatmaker writes:

“There is no scarcity in creativity. The world always needs good offerings. We cannot have too much beauty. There is no such things as too much wisdom and literature and story and craftsmanship. There is room for you. Do not be intimidated by successful makers; be inspired by them.”

We’re excited to share stories centered around creativity and would love to hear more from you about how you’re making space for creativity in the classroom. If you’ve got something to share, send your story idea to for consideration.

Additionally, we want to challenge you (and ourselves, too) to find time to be more creative. What do you want to learn more about? What art project have you been thinking about but haven’t made time to make a reality? Make it happen this month!Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 5.02.13 PM.pngStay tuned, as throughout November we’ll be sharing:

  • Real-life examples of Design Thinking in the classroom
  • How creativity and critical thinking can go hand-in-hand
  • How makerspaces can become a core component of your work on creativity
  • A cool new city-wide effort to integrate art into different subject areas from a large urban district
  • How you can engage your classroom with music and games
  • How project-based learning can unleash student creativity
  • How one school encouraged creativity and project-based learning through a school-wide peace prize

Here are a few posts we’ve already published around creativity:

This month also brings STEM/STEAM day, International Education Week, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving. We’re always welcoming guest content, but would be extra happy this month to review any lesson plans, ideas or innovative practices that you have to share on these topics as well!

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