Leading Learning Platform, Edmodo, Adds Formative Assessment

Edmodo, a free K-12 social learning network, announced at the ISTE conference its new product Snapshot, a frequent, formative assessment tool designed to provide real-time insight into student proficiency in educational standards, such as the Common Core. Built directly into the Edmodo platform, Snapshot is customized for both teachers and administrators with distinct functionality aimed at improving student learning outcomes.
Serving more than 35 million teachers, students administrators and parents, Edmodo is the most widely used learning platform. The intuitive platform makes it easy for teachers to create private groups and manage assignments. Teachers can create and share libraries of content. A unit of instruction can be easily differentiated for several groups. Edmodo is widely used to support professional development and professional learning communities. The Edmodo app store features hundreds of free and premium apps including content and tools.
Snapshot for Teachers features standards-aligned quizzes based on a teacher’s classroom curriculum for grades 3-12 Math and ELA. Teachers can assign the quiz to their students, pre- or post-lesson, or any time that works with their classroom schedule. Upon quiz completion, teachers have instant insight into progress of the individual student or student and overall class with auto-generated visuals, giving teachers the opportunity to identify gaps at the class, group and individual level. To quickly address any gaps, the tool features a content recommendation engine, which surfaces helpful resources teachers can easily assign students, helping to resolve challenges and personalize learning.
Snapshot Report Page
Similarly, Snapshot for Schools enables district administrators to gauge concept mastery of educational standards at the classroom and school-level in real-time. With these insights, administrators have unprecedented visibility into what is happening in their schools as it is happening, including recognizing school sites that may need support in improving student comprehension. Administrators can then act on this information to foster relevant and supportive professional learning communities for teachers, all within the Edmodo platform.
“Teachers are faced everyday with the question of whether their students learned the material from the day before,” said Nic Borg, co-founder and chief product officer of Edmodo. “Snapshot puts a powerful and easy-to-use tool in their hands to answer that question. By mapping student learning trends and surfacing content that can be immediately assigned to help address any learning gaps, teachers can ensure every lesson is tailored to each student’s individual needs.”
“Edmodo is designed to empower teachers to connect their classrooms and steer them toward success,” said Crystal Hutter, chief executive officer of Edmodo. “The debut of Snapshot for Schools brings this to the school and district level and enhances Edmodo’s core mission of supporting meaningful peer-to-peer connections, nurturing best practices, and encouraging collaborative communities for educators worldwide. Over the past year, our district conversations have centered on ways that Edmodo has fostered deeper involvement in the learning experience, and moving towards actionable learning insights was a highly requested next step.”
A premium offering built on top of existing administrative functionality, Snapshot for Schools is available for purchase on an individual school or district-wide basis. Early adopters will also receive early access to Edmodo Practice, an engine that delivers standards-aligned content recommendations through an engaging interface where students select an interactive learning style. For additional information, please visit snapshot.edmodo.com.
Edmodo is a Learn Capital portfolio company where Tom Vander Ark is a partner.

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