CK12 Challenges Students to “Get-Real” with Competition

CK12 Foundation is challenging students to develop and submit applications that showcase K-12 STEM concepts in the Get Real Competition. Awards will be given to the top three teams and they will have the opportunity to chose one of the following devices for their classrooms; Apple iPad 2, Chromebook, NOOK HD tablet, or a Kindle Fire tablet.

The goal is to get students to think creatively and make the connections between what they’re learning in class to the world around them. Student led groups must create a presentation using any of the the concepts and knowledge base provided on CK12’s website.

The competition challenges students to “Create Cool Stuff” by allowing them to use presentation programs to make their project dynamic and interesting. Judges will be looking for students to think outside the box and be responsible for their own learning by creating content around these topics.

Each entry will be posted on the Competition Website and the first round of voting will be done online and open to the public. The first submission round started on February 19th. Final entries must be submitted by April 15th and teams must consist of one teacher and at least 2 students ages 13 and up. The final winner will be announced April 30th.

Fifty of the top teams will advance to the second round of voting. Grad students from Stanford University will make up the judging panel for the second round which will be judged based on the competition criteria focusing on relevance, impact, creativity, and clarity. The top 10 teams will advance to the final round. The third and final round will be judged by a group of special guests invited by CK12 and will be judged by the same criteria as the second round.

CK12 creates and aggregates high quality, curated STEM content. They provide tech tools and open content in multiple modalities to speak to all different learning styles and levels.

Originally launched at Leadership Public Schools, FlexMath program is a student-centered approach to Algebra that offers engaging lessons, adaptive assessment and interactive practice. It allows the student to progress at their own level and speed. FlexMath was taken on by CK12 to make it widely available.

Other resources available on CK12 include studyHELP (A Facebook community that allows students to post their questions), I Need A Pencil; free online SAT prep, and Braingenie; K-12 math & science problem solving practice.

Jay Chakrapani and Miral Shah recently joined CK12 from McGraw-Hill as President and CTO, respectively.  Founder and Executive Director Neeru Khosla continues to power the vision of great free learning resources.

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