It’s been 240 years since the Tea Party.  To commemorate, UK teachers have throw down a challenge to US teachers on They have invited your school to take part in this free middle grade math competition.

The tournament will be fought as hundreds of simultaneous Fai-Tos, each between a US and a UK school over the week commencing 25th February 2013. Each individual Fai-To victory will count towards a National total, and the Nation with the most wins by the morning of 5th March will be declared the winner.

About 4500 schools in the US and UK use Mangahigh–a few more in the US, so we have an advantage.

Math games on Manga are free for teachers and students.  The folks at Mangahigh have added a bunch of premium feature called A+ Quest:

  • Students get access to 50% more content and mSensei, the personalized tutor.
  • Teachers get reports, can class track progress, plan timely interventions, and can send individual students messages.
  • Districts can get customized (white labeled) experience; school leaderboard, management reports on usage.

Mangahigh offers professional development for teachers get started, blended learning, differentiated instruction, and using Mangahigh for homework.

See 10 reasons to use Mangahigh.  To see what schools are saying about Mangahigh see reviews.  To help, check out all the startup assistance.


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