Wiley & Knewton Partner to Offer Knewton Math Readiness Course

News Release: Wiley Partners with Knewton

Wiley to offer Knewton Math Readiness course as a developmental math solution for university students in Australia and New Zealand

Hoboken, NJ September 24, 2012. Global publisher John Wiley & Sons, Inc., announced a partnership with the learning technology company Knewton to offer the Knewton Math Readiness course throughout Australia and New Zealand.
“Knewton’s adaptive learning technology personalizes course content, delivering the precise learning activity each student needs at the exact time he or she needs it most,” said Joe Heider, Senior Vice President, Wiley Global Education.  “We’re very excited about Knewton’s ability to help students learn math more efficiently and effectively.”
The Knewton Adaptive Learning PlatformTM serves as a recommendation engine for learning, analyzing vast data sets in order to serve up the best activity for each student at a particular moment in time. Wiley will offer the Knewton Math Readiness course beginning in fall 2012.
Knewton Math Readiness has already generated significant improvements in student engagement and learning outcomes at schools across the United States. Following an implementation at Arizona State University, course withdrawal rates dropped from 16% to 7%, pass rates increased from 64% to 75%, and 45% of enrolled students completed the course four weeks early, an option previously unavailable to students.
“Knewton’s goal is to personalize education for the world,” said Jose Ferreira, Founder and CEO of Knewton.  “Our platform combines big data with psychometrics to continuously and progressively personalize any publisher or school’s online learning courses. With this new partnership, Wiley can now leverage this data and our adaptive learning technology to deliver continuously personalized courses to their students.”
Wiley Global Education provides personalized content, tools, and services that deliver demonstrable results to students and faculty at two- and four-year colleges and universities, for-profit career colleges, and advanced-placement classes globally, as well as secondary schools in Australia.  In addition to its print and digital textbooks programs, the company offers a variety of cost-effective, flexible print and digital solutions, including customizable solutions and WileyPLUS, a research-based, online environment for effective teaching and learning.

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