LearnZillion Announces 2,000 Free Common Core Lessons From Top Teachers

LearnZillion, a social enterprise, announced today the launch of its first of 2,000 online lessons going live this fall to help teachers, schools, and districts adopt the Common Core State Standards – all of which are free for students and teachers.
In an effort to celebrate teachers, LearnZillion recruited some of the country’s best to translate their proven approaches into concise, high-quality “screencasts” with the support of education experts, content coaches, and technology support. With assistance from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, this “Dream Team” of 123 teachers rallied in Atlanta, Georgia, from June 20-23rd for the inaugural “TeachFest” to breakdown the Common Core Standards and to develop the best approaches to lesson creation.
As a result, LearnZillion’s platform will allow teachers to plan their individual lessons – or entire week, month or year – using a single collection of outstanding lessons from the nation’s top teachers and know that content is directly aligned to the Common Core.  They can also assign lessons directly to students.  One week, a fourth grader might learn fractions on a number line from Ms. Jones in New York.  The next week he might learn how to add those fractions from his own teacher who adopted a lesson by Mr. Smith in California. This approach has the potential to significantly impact the way most subjects are taught in our schools, and could mark a great leap for education in the US.
LearnZillion was founded by two former teachers who met at Stanford Graduate School of Business: Eric Westendorf and Alix Guerrier. Westendorf incubated LearnZillion as the Chief Academic Officer at E.L. Haynes PCS, a top performing charter school in Washington D.C. After a successful beta-test at E.L. Haynes last spring, LearnZillion received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, NewSchools Venture Fund, and the Achievement Network to seed high-quality content and develop a web-based platform. LearnZillion is now being piloted in over twenty DC schools and 150 other schools throughout the country.
Check out this great video of Eric & Alix from New Schools.
Post Correction: LearnZillion today released 2,000 Common Core lessons, not 200 as previously mentioned in this morning’s published article. Disclosure: LearnZillion is a portfolio company of Learn Capital where Tom Vander Ark is a partner.

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