Udemy Launches Redesigned Website

Udemy expands online learning features, including student-teacher Q&A, progress tracking, and a personalized recommendation engine.
The online learning platform Udemy.com today debuted a complete website redesign, enabling students to track their progress, interact more deeply with instructors and discover new courses relevant to them.
People take courses on Udemy to learn new skills that help them nurture their passions, get raises or promotions and switch jobs or careers. The new features aim to encourage these moves, and include:

    • Enhanced Course Taking Experience – enables students to take courses through a responsive full screen user interface that encourages course completion and engagement.
    • Robust Student-Teacher Q&A – facilitates student-instructor and student-student interactions through a powerful Quora-style question & answer experience that’s tightly integrated with each course lecture.
    • Progress Meter – shows how much of a course a student has completed, enabling students to pick up where they left off and stay motivated throughout the course.
    • Time Stamped Notes – tags students’ notes to specific times in a course video/lecture which enhances a student’s ability to review the material they are learning.
    • Personalized Course Discovery – recommends new courses for students based on a Netflix-style recommendation engine which leverages each student’s interests, activity on Udemy, and social data.

“Students and instructors come to Udemy to make moves, and every iteration of our product aims to help them make those moves more powerful and more efficient,” said Eren Bali, CEO and co-founder of Udemy. “We’re constantly hearing from users who got promoted or changed careers after completing one of our courses – that’s why we’re so invested in creating a learning environment that helps them realize their goals.”
The news closely follows the announcement of Udemy’s top ten earning instructors, who brought in an average of $165,448 in course sales in the past year, indicating gains in online education.
Udemy has seen 690% user growth in the past year, and instructors in areas from yoga to computer programming to photography are adding 90 new courses every month.
About Udemy. Udemy.com helps people make moves, empowering anyone to teach and learn online. The site attracts hundreds of expert instructors ranging from CEOs and New York Times bestselling authors to Ivy League professors and consultants across industries. More than 200,000 students take advantage of Udemy’s platform, which incorporates video, live lectures, supplemental materials and features that promote deep interaction between students and instructors. Founded in February 2010, Udemy is backed by the people behind YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Groupon and Yelp.
Udemy is a portfolio company of Learn Capital where Tom is a partner

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