FLVS Offers Leadership & Professional Development Training for Online & Blended Learning

FLVS Virtual Leadership Training

Florida Virtual School (FLVS) plans to offer a two-day Virtual Leadership Training (VLT) workshop April 25-26, 2012 to give school administrators expert feedback and training on the blueprint of its award-winning virtual school program.
The training offers a great opportunity to gain feedback on how districts and schools can apply industry best practices to their blended or online learning program. The course, which costs $995 per attendee, will cover topics around managing a virtual school or blended learning program, including:

  • Hiring and staffing
  • Funding and budget
  • Policies
  • Data and performance management
  • Student recruiting and retention
  • Accountability
  • Curriculum
  • Leraning and performance management systems, and
  • Evaluating and marketing.

Courtney Calfee, an eSolutions Consultant for FLVS Global who runs the VLT program, answered a few questions for Getting Smart the importance of professional development in the implementation of new, online and blended learning programs.

What is the importance of ongoing professional development in the digital space?

“Professional development is essential to teaching in the digital space, just as it is in the traditional classroom. Changes in technology require ongoing development. Plus, research has shown that learning to teach online transforms instructional practices and improves both virtual and face-to-face practices.”

How can the FLVS model improve the admin success of other schools?

“FLVS has a proven track record of success with its successful completions, AP scores, and award-winning program. FLVS can help train administrators and allow them to benefit from our 15 years of experience and our lessons learned.”

How will the professional development workshop shed light on the ways new technologies are changing the administration process of schools today?

“Teaching in a blended or online environment provides administrators the tools to monitor the success of their students, and VLT discusses best practices for using new technologies to monitor instructors teaching in either of these models. Using an online or blended learning approach provides data and allows instructors to use the data from assessments to inform instruction and personalize learning for students. When incorporated effectively, technology has the potential to bring down the classroom walls, transform the pedagogy and learning environment and seamlessly teach students not only content knowledge, but also 21st Century learning skills to help prepare them for college or career.”

How can administrators apply the FLVS model to their brick-and-mortar school?

“Our model can be applied to both an online or blended learning program. Our training provides administrators information on best practices in curriculum development with a strong emphasis on authentic assessment, strategies to help students with learning challenges, information on ensuring academic integrity for their programs, best practices for onboarding and continued professional development of staff, advice on getting stakeholder support and evaluating their programs. We have more than 100 interactive, standards-based courses with authentic assessment available for purchase. We also offer continued professional development trainings via webinar or FTF and consultation services available for schools needing more assistance with getting their programs off the ground.”

What are the biggest takeaways from the workshop?

“Virtual Leadership Training focuses on creating a plan to get their blended or online program off the ground. Using our 15 years of experience and award-winning curriculum development and online programs, we help administrators plan for hiring and onboarding, select online curriculum with sound pedagogy and assessments, market and evaluate their programs on a limited budget, plan for professional development needs, select a blended or online learning model, evaluate technology requirements and gain support from stakeholders.”
For more information about the FLVS Virtual Leadership Training Feature, visit www.flvs.net/vlt.

FLVS Custom Professional Development

The FLVS Professional Learning Team also plans to offer FLVS Professional Development courses through the Custom Professional Development service year round and on demand through online webinars and face-to-face workshops.
The courses, which offer certification for successful completion, are designed to deliver adminstrative support and training around:

  • Literacy
  • Response to Intervention (RTI)
  • Student motivation
  • School Leadership, and
  • Teaching and learning.

The course packages, which use the A.D.D.I.E. Instructional Design Model, can be tailored and personalized to meet unique teacher, school or district needs.
“FLVS is a recognized leader in virtual education,” stated Felicia Ryerson, chief learning officer for Florida Virtual School. “We are committed to developing flexible, professional development options that meet teachers’ or organizations’ needs.”
For more information about FLVS Professional Development offerings or to view an FLVS Professional Development Course Catalog, visit www.flvs.net/professionaldevelopment.

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