CoSN, SITE and SXSWedu Conferences Announce Collaboration with the First-Ever Joint Teleconference Spotlight Session

SXSWedu, CoSN and SITE plan to team up Tuesday, March 6, 2012 for a teleconference in the session “On The Horizon: Harnessing Emerging Technologies In Education,” featuring Larry Johnson, CEO of New Media Consortium.
“This interactive session will look back over a decade of findings from the highly influential Horizon Reports by the New Media Consortium,” says Larry Johnson, New Media Consortium CEO. “What can we learn from these annual reports on emerging technologies for learning, and how should they inform the actions of teachers, administrators, colleges of education, policymakers and the private sector?”
The teleconference, in collaboration with LifeSize Video Conference, will connect innovative tech leaders, educators, policymakers, and industry professionals live across the United States.
Ron Reed, Executive Producer of SXSWedu says, “CoSN, SITE and SXSWedu are all very excited to leverage technology to connect our respective communities and collectively collaborate in the search for powerful new directions and solutions to enhance teaching and learning.”
Attendees will have the opportunity connect with thought leaders at each conference, including the following:

  • At CoSN, Superintendent Jack Dale from Fairfax Public Schools in Virginia will be responding. Moderating the session from CoSN will be Jean Tower, CoSN Board member and Director of Technology, Public Schools of Northborough & Southborough, MA.
  • At SITE, Miri Shonfeld, Professor and Head, Center for Technology and Multiculturalism, Mofet; Head, Online College, Center for International Studies, Kibbutzim College of Education, Israel will be responding.
  • At SXSWedu, Ken Kay, CEO of EdLeader 21, will provide reactions. Ken has been the leading voice for 21st Century Education for the last decade. He co-founded the Partnership for 21st
Keith Krueger, CEO of CoSN, says, “This historic partnership between these leading education/technology conferences demonstrates that our organizations are not just talking about the need for educators to work collaboratively, we are walking the walk.”
Paul Resta, Program Chair of SITE Conference notes that this tri-conference collaboration provides a model of how major communities and conferences, using technology, may share their collective expertise and resources for mutual benefit.
To attend one of the conferences, please visit:, or Additional information regarding the live stream will be available on all three websites.

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